Santander House by A-Cero Studio


Santander house by A-Cero Studio

The Santander house is a 2,204 m² family residence designed as a modern home that is visually elegant and a little eccentric. The architects at the Spanish studio A-Cero like to play with volumes and create complex structures that stand out with individuality. This home is also built with that same thought of shape diversity and aesthetics.

Stylish exterior design by A-cero


Stylish exterior design by A-cero

Outdoor space: The property is situated in Santander, Spain. It can be characterized as a slightly hilly green terrain surrounded by some deciduous vegetation. The house opens to an even-leveled green yard at the front and remains closed to the rising ground at the back. There is another yard space that descends from the main floor and connects to the garage alley. The whole area outside is treated as an in separable part of the house.

Concrete house exterior design


Concrete house exterior design

Building structure: This modern home has a concrete skeleton structure. The main entrance is marked by a large dramatic volume that stretches above an outdoor hallway leading straight to the living area. It is clad in black planes and has an interesting lighting underneath to illuminate the entrance area and invite in.

Dining area interior design


Stylish dining area interior design

The Santander house is constructed on two floor levels, the lower one houses a spacious combined living and dining area and a separate kitchen area. The second level consists of a master bedroom, two smaller bedrooms and an office. The master bedroom and bath are wrapped in the interesting volume formed above the home entrance.

Contemporary bathroom interior design


Contemporary bathroom interior design

Interior: The interior of this house can be described as a mixture of cold minimal elements and warm country house accents. The minimalistic touch can be observed in the pure white ceilings and walls and the dark contrasting glossy floor. Some coziness is brought in the living area through the use of wood. The master bathroom is the most elegant place in the house, it is designed with a clean black and white approach and open to the daylight and scenery outside.
Text by K.H.Hristova

Elegant interior design


Elegant concrete house interior design

Concrete house interior


Contempory style concrete house interior

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