Pennsylvanian modernistic home design


Cement Home Design By Architect Joseph Biondo

This amazing home is situated in Northampton, Eastern Pennsylvania. As some of you may know it is the birthplace of American Portland Cement. This modernistic house is actually inspired by the cement. As you can see it’s a horizontal home very urban and industrial. With its modernistic look and the nice slopping slot it is built on, this nice hill home is just perfect for the outside environment. It totally matches the surrounding area. Even though it is made on this landscape, the idea for its shape is to be eventually embraced by the greenery that surrounds it now.

Minimalist concrete house landscape


Minimalist concrete house landscape

Once the greenery has enveloped it will become more natural and almost unrecognizable from the surroundings, it is a perfect home for raising a family. As you can see there is an amazing outdoor entertainment area with a gorgeous landscape that naturally follows the indoors. The indoors are only separated by a sliding glass. Now, let’s take a look at the inside area. As you can see on the inside, everything is modern. The furniture has a nice urban, modernistic outline made of beautiful materials with exceptional quality.

Minimalist concrete exterior house design


Minimalist concrete exterior house design

Everything matches together into one great stylish home with expansive indoors and very nice warming atmosphere. Even though it is a very modern home, in a way this house is very traditionally American. You can see how some of the elements give away the authentic American style. One of the most important things about American architecture and interior design is the expansive indoor and outdoor look, as opposed to the European very recognizable minimalistic exterior plan.

Minimalist house design


Minimalist modern architecture house design

This cement modern home is not only great for a vacation house it is also suitable for living. You can see that it is fully equipped for everything a normal house should have and with its practical and functional design and furniture it can be very comfortable for a small or even a big family.

Mnimalist open plan interior design


Mnimalist open plan interior design

Exterior design concrete house


Exterior design concrete house landscape design

Contemporary architecture

Contemporary-architecture-by- Architect-Joseph-N-Biondo

Contemporary architecture by Architect Joseph N Biondo

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