Netherlands architecture GONE WILD in Amsterdam Nature Reserve


Netherlands architecture GONE WILD in Amsterdam Nature Reserve

Once again the Netherlands architecture firm VMX Architects has created something extraordinary. This time they have amazed us with the coupled contemporary aesthetics of the Sodae House. As you can see the architecture is very futuristic and suites perfectly the surrounding area of this island home. Its unusual shape and the blending of the angles and the glass make it very hard to be found amidst the nature that surrounds it on the island of Kostverlokenkade1 in Amsterdam.

Modern island house architecture


Modern island house architecture by VMX Architects

The architects said that “The starting point for the concept was the perception of the landscape, the distant high buildings of the Zuid As and the Rembrandt Tower as well as the view of the aero planes travelling to and from Schiphol.” This may seem a bit unconventional for a house, but on the ground floor are situated the most intimate areas of the home – the bedrooms and the baths. Through the ground floor you can walk right into the garden and feel at one with the nature that surrounds the house.

Open plan living space interior


Open plan living space interior

The upper area of the home is originally designed as a living- socializing area, that’s where the living room and the open-concept loft-style kitchen are situated. The glass walls make the interior very open, warming and inviting. The basement is quite big and is a home to a work-out room and a home theater.

Modern kitchen island design


Modern kitchen island design

It’s also called the “work & play area.” Even though this house may seem a bit eclectic, on the outside and in, it is literary a synonym for comfort and luxury. VMX Architects has stunned us with greatness, beauty, style and innovation this time. This beautiful creation is not just a house it is a work of art.

Living space design


Clean line open plan living space design

Every detail of the house is made of quality materials and most importantly – inspiration. When we have thought we’ve seen it all The Netherlands Architecture firm VMX Architects goes wild, just to prove us that “We ain’t seen nothing yet…”

Contemporary house in Amsterdam


Contemporary architecture house design in Amsterdam

Soda house by VMX Architects


Soda house architecture design by VMX Architects

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