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Hudson passive project house design

This amazing beautiful home is situated in New York’s Hudson Valley. Why do we call it the home of the future? Well, it is all electric and yet its energy bill doesn’t go over 400$ a year. It totally meets the standards for a passive house by the Passivhaus Institut German third-party certifier because it uses 90% less energy than an ordinary home. It almost doesn’t consume any energy for heating and cooling. Of course you might think that this house is fully equipped with the latest eco technologies but the truth is that there no solar panels or wind power.

Stylish living area


Stylish living area passive house design

The key is in the architecture. It is simple and very easy to build even though there was a lot of computer modeling and designing to do according Wedlick. The house is a 1,650-square-foot timber- frame structure. Wedlick has been using the green system for 20 years and this beautiful house is his latest project which is also called the Hudson Passive Project, it was built to explore new eco, energy saving possibilities.

Eco energy saving possibilities house interior


Eco energy saving possibilities house interior

This contemporary open plan house is received a grant from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority. The site was owned by Bill Stratton from Bill Stratton Building Company. Wedlick designed the house forn a rural urban family who will appreciate its beauty, contemporary style and appealing furniture as well as the architecture itself, according to Wedlick the house is built like thermos.

Dining area interior design


Dining area interior design

It absorbs the heat and keeps it inside, he says that the key to maintain a normal temperature all the time is the air tightness, the house has a special overhang design for the windows so that the sunrays in the summer don’t overheat the house. In the winter the expansive windows allow all of the natural light to go inside and stay there. The atmosphere in this house is just amazing. How many people know what it is like to be warming up their house only with sun beam? This house is truly and amazing work of art and a real home of the future.

Elegant TV room interior design


Elegant TV room interior design

Cozy attic bedroom


Modern passive house kitchen design


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