Modern and Unconventional – a stunning home design idea


Fong Rodriguez House by Architect Craig Steely

What if you can set your imagination free and create something so unconventional, beautiful, and modern that will make every one gasp? Take a look at those pictures. Have you seen anything like this before? Well, this modern home idea with an unconventional floor plan is just pure perfection by Fong/Rodriguez House, it is a beautiful, unique home that’s settled in Bernal Heights, San Francisco.

Elegant dining room interior design


Elegant dining room interior design

It’s designed by the Architect Craig Steely. One of the most unusual things about this amazing home is that the living areas are situated on the top level of the house, in order to make the most of the city skyline. The middle level of the house is occupied by the bedrooms. There are also a studio and a gallery on the same floor. The staircase is made of good quality cherry wood and white steel-framed glass. It leads down to the ground level where you can find the garages and another studio as well.

Staircase design


Staircase made of cherry wood and white steel framed glass

The most unusual feature in the house is the eight-ft., steel –rimmed circular hole that is cut into the roof. It not only creates a beautiful sundial effect through house but also opens up to an amazing, breathtaking view of the sky. The colorful home is the most perfect city house. It impresses with creativity, style and quality. How much beauty could one endure? Living in a home like this is a dream come true.

Contemporary furnishing interior design


Contemporary furnishing interior design

This San Francisco modern house, designed by the talented architect Craig Steely is furnished with the most suitable stylish contemporary furniture. The yellow, red, blue, orange, and green pallets give a nice freshness to the home. The architecture looks very minimalistic but it is quite expanding on the inside. Living in a place like this is like living in a masterpiece. Everything – to the smallest detail is made with style, quality and care.

Yellow corner kitchen design


Yellow corner kitchen design

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