Minimalist architecture House M – Sublime Harmony of Concrete and Glass Architecture

Minimalist architecture House M by Monovolume Architecture + Design of Bozen, Italy

House M by Monovolume Architecture + Design of Bozen, Italy - Minimalist architecture House

The classical Italian good looks of House M are the result of the architects, Monovolume, striving to achieve harmony between the architectural elements and outdoor spaces of this fabulous property.

Contrasting Qualities in Stunning Concrete and Glass Architecture

 Minimalist architecture House  ‘House M’ by Monovolume Architecture + Design of Bozen, Italy

Located in the centre of the town of Meran, this home is an example of ‘life in balance’ in many respects.  Its contrasting elements of glass planes and concrete volumes are united in a system of pleasing geometric proportions.  These unpretentious rectilinear forms provide the basic template which is repeated throughout the project.  The repetition of shapes and similar volumes imbues the house with a serenely reassuring stability.  Its calm quiet presence can be appreciated from the exterior as well as in the artistically styled interior spaces.

The reflection of the concrete and glass architecture of House M’s rear facade in the tranquil pool provides an enviable scene. White cantilevered roof extensions provide welcome shade from the heat of the sun. These solid volumes appear to float above the transparent glass walls below.  The water and concrete surround of the pool, mirror and seem to emphasize the apparent weightless appearance of House M.

Concrete and Glass Architecture Embraces Unity Between Interior and Exterior Living

Minimalist architecture House  Modern house design - ‘House M’ - Monovolume Architecture

The stylish interior of House M appears to merge into the outside space. The garden seems to flow through the floor to ceiling glass expanses, adding vibrancy and life to the fresh white interior. During the warm months, the living space opens up completely so that the pool area and adjacent rooms become one.  Tasteful planting on the terraces and drive area make a powerful visual connection to the more natural aspects of the meadow, surrounding trees and the backdrop of the mountains.

Due to the carefully organized and refined landscape design, the transition between the pool, lawn, and garden appears seamless. The ground level of the house follows the gradual incline of the site and acts as a gently sweeping stairway which provides access the spacious garden area.

It is difficult to see where anything could be added or indeed, taken away from this superb example of concrete and glass architecture, to make it a more complete or satisfying home.

by Jaz

White kitchen interior House M

White kitchen interior - dining room House M

White bathroom design

White minimalistic interior design

Living room furniture interior

Living room furniture interior  another view

Modern design House M

Minimalist architecture house

Minimalist architecture House M


House-m-modern-architecture Minimalist architecture House

House-m-pool-design Minimalist architecture House







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