Kona Residence – contemporary masterpiece in the architecture religion


The Kona residence in Hawai outside

This holiday residence will stop the time, will come you down and will make you want to stay here forever refusing to admit that holidays cannot last forever. This contemporary architecture is situated in the heart of the beautiful island Hawaii and preserve the retro idea of those days when having a cocktail in on hand and a classic romance book in other was old fashioned, was preferred to loosing time with an iPod on the beach party where you are suppose to be because your boss wanted you to be here and finish the deal.

Kona residence exterior


The entrance design of Kona residence in Hawai

Kona Residence is an amazing modern masterpiece in the art, called architecture. Save for making us smile in the moment when we see something beautiful, architecture should bring to us that sense of comfortableness and freedom from care. By all means, Kona Residence is able to make us feel like that – free and comfortable.

Lounge area


Lounge exterior area with pool and modern outdoor furniture

The irregular and original shapes in the building of this wonderful architecture start with a minimalistic and vanguard entrance. The web-shaped gates are making the process of entering the residence look like a ceremony for Grammy event. You enter here slowly and you walk back slowly, because you cannot leave the place – or at least you cannot do it easily.


Contemporary bedroom with exotic interior

The exotic exterior, that combines wild natural presence and contemporary arches and columns, seems to lead so naturally in the cozy and good-looking interior – inside the residence.In the heart of the building are organized lots of terrific convenient bedrooms, where silk and marble rule. Some rest rooms are situated to make you have some relaxation during the heat hours in the Hawaii and preparing you for a walk to remember around the fantastic Residence of Kona.


Unique architecture design of Kona residence in Hawai

The experts that have been working on this extra ordinary masterpiece of contemporary architecture rely on the palms – real ones in the garden of the exterior and palm wood in making the inside stairs, the inside struts of the furniture and the flooring. Simple authenticity in the interior plays gently with the impressive exterior outside the residence.

Dining room space


Dining room space with kitchen area and bar



Bathroom with luxury furniture



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