Japanese attitude to contemporary minimalistic architecture


Minimalist house architecture design

Before presenting you the main features in this beautiful construction, awesome exterior and extremely great interior, we must say that this masterpiece is the Asian, in particular the Japanese attitude to the contemporary minimalistic architecture. The house is made by the professional and really famous team on the continent named Kiyonobu Nakagame Architect and Associates. The building is located near Tokyo and it is some kilometers far from the ocean – so the view is as pleasant as the interior and exterior designs here.

Modern minimalist house


Modern minimalist house exterior lighting

Starting with the architecture of the building, we may say that it presents the Asian idea of modest and hidden luxurious in the same time lifestyle. The construction is low and the both floors are divided into sections – main rooms and extra premises. The curved structure of the house symbolizes the innovational ideas in the contemporary minimalistic architecture but meanwhile, we may calmly say that nothing here is too much – this balance is always seen in the minimalism and in Japanese culture, too.

Minimalist poolroom


Minimalist poolroom design

The outside view of the house leads to two key points – the illumination and the presence of lots windows. The main light comes from the natural source – the sun – and the illumination is used only as a matter of decoration and interesting ornament. The whole wall in the house is glazed and this creates a feeling of freedom and spaciousness.

Minimalist kitchen interior


Modern minimalist kitchen interior

The interior design of this fabulous contemporary architecture that Japanese minimalistic designers and architects have created is classic, minimalistic, luxurious and elegant. Furniture is low as the Asian tendencies speak of and the flooring is delicate and plain.

Minimalist house exterior


Minimalist house exterior

The main idea of the interior design here is to represent to the audience a comfortable set of all rooms and influence on the people who are left behind the time when it comes to contemporary houses. Naturally, the architects and the designers of Kiyonobu Nakagame Architect and Associates has succeeded in keeping the main Japanese lifestyle key point in every part of the building – from the interior to the exterior. The balance is accomplished and any lifetime could be spent in a best way, here – The Japanese dream.


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