Inner and outer insulation of residential dwellings


Modern home with wooden insulation

Insulation for residential buildings is becoming an increasingly pressing question. Confirmation reinforcement is a necessity with a large energy saving effect. An outer or inner insulation can be selected.

Inner wooden insulation


Minimalist house with inner wooden insulation

Outer insulation should be placed on less frequently used premises. Its downside is that it takes up a portion from the room’s space. An inner insulation is also suitable if a family member has an allergy. In this instance, it should be made with cork covering on the floor and walls. The material is clean and prevents allergies. It also has a noise insulation effect. Wood is also among the materials, suitable for inner insulation. It can be substituted by laminated coverings.

Outer home insulation


Wood gypsum and rock wool home insulation

Outer insulation is recommended, as it doesn’t take up from the area of the room and lengthens the lifespan of the building’s exterior by protecting it from the meteorological conditions. Styrofoam and rock-wool, used for outer insulation, have proven noise insulation and temperature insulation properties. Apart from improving the comfort of living, temperature insulation solves another problem – the condensation of the walls. Moisture is the cause for the formation of mould on the walls – a problem, which temperature insulation solves.

Wooden insulation


Contemporary interior with wooden insulation

A question when placing insulation is where it should be situated. All places, from which warmth is lost, should be sealed. This means all outside walls, the floor and windows. A solution to this problem is placing PVC or aluminium joinery, especially since it has double vacuumed glass sets, which is an exceptionally good isolator. Some glass sets are filled with inert gases, which increases their insulation capability. A recent invention, known as K-glass, offers protection from infrared sunrays.

Insulation with blinds


Inner home insulation with wooden blinds

Blinds are another option to prevent these radiations. Warmth bridges and multi layered profiles are new solutions in the fight to keep warmth loss. Heat insulation also improves the building’s appearance. With this, heat insulation straightens yet another matter – refreshing the exterior space, in which we live in.

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