Haus Bold by Thomas Bendel Architekt


House bold simple cube structure design

Haus Bold is a modern design residential building built in Germany by the architects at Thomas Bendel Architekt. The plot is located in a very green and smooth terrain surrounded by wild vegetation and the house has a strong solid presence in the landscape due to the materials that are used in it and the strict cubic shape it has. Its design focuses on privacy and minimalistic look in industrial style.

Concrete exterior design


Concrete exterior design by Thomas Bendel Architekt

This cool-looking modern home consists of two floor levels, the first one shelters the bedrooms and is made more discreet thanks to semi-transparent glass walls that make it hard to see into the house if you’re outside. The second floor harbors the living areas of the house. Most of them are combined in a single open plan space like the dining room and the living room. The kitchen is also placed here and enclosed with modern folding doors.

Open plan living area interior


Open plan living area interior

There is also an open timber terrace surrounded by the living areas at three sides and open to the natural landscape outside at the fourth. The house is wrapped in a prefabricated concrete shell that forms two of the external walls and the roof. The rest of the facade is glazed entirely which softens the overall look of the building by reflecting the mild tones of daylight. There are also anodized elements used in the facade. The industrial style of this house also dominates in the interior.

Living space interior


House bold living space interior

The rooms look cold enclosed in the concrete. They get quite enough light through the windowed facades but the materials used inside still make this home a bit gloomy. Such examples are the kitchen designed entirely in black, the powder room covered in stainless steel and especially the staircase that leads to the second floor and appears to be walking you through the corridors of a real industrial building.

Text by K.H.Hristova

Staircase interior design


Contemporary clean staircase interior design

Bathroom interior


Bathroom interior

Dining area interior


Landscape House Bold dining area interior

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