Glass house in a winter fairytale – modern architecture


Contemporary glass house in Milano

We all have dream of living in a fairytale, somewhere far away, somewhere, where we can feel safe and fine, cozy and home. What about a reality, where you live in Milano, surrounded by glass walls, protected by winter energy and spirit and feel like you are the only one on this big, big planet.Welcome to the glass home in the winter Milano forest, on the suburbs of this beautiful city. This contemporary architecture combines in a paradox way the safety and the mystery, the freedom and the domestic coziness.



Modern glass furniture in bedroom

The construction of this beautiful Italian glass house, located in Milano, is a workmanship of best Italian architects who have been working on the project almost five years. The main difficulty in fulfilling the project was to find the best way for making this building as stable and strong as it is fantastic and impressive, as well. Building the walls and the roof of solid glass slices and attaching them to the main base seems to be almost unbelievable and unrealistic, but looking at the house in its finished variant make us sure everything is possible – including living in a glass house – if you have the courage to expose yourself and your lifestyle to the world, to the cold winter, to the hot summer and to the cold people, and warm people…

Glass furniture


Glass furniture and dining table

The inside view of the Milano glass house follows the idea of the winter fairytale. Materials are almost the same here. We see glass furniture – long table and elegant cabinets and crystal sets, plates, services and vases. The flow of the transparent harmony purifies the soul and brings back the harmony.The only contrast element in the interior design of the rooms, here, is the presence of wood for the pavement and for the special service plates for guests. These elements serve for stressing on the main glass conception.The exterior is presented by simple patio and ice pendants. Snow-white could live, here, could you be a Snow-white princess or take your princess here and spend the rest of the winter here?

Glass stairs


Glass stairs in modern interior

Glass sofa and bed


Glass sofa and bed in living area


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