Carmel Residence by Dirk Denison Architects


Carmel residence by Dirk Denison Architects

Wood, stone and glass triumph in this modern holiday house built near the seaside in Carmel, California. The architects behind the residence are from the Chicago-based studio Dirk Denison Architects. Here they focus their attention on the cottage style design and its special connection to nature. The natural timber materials on the facade harmonize with the gracefully designed stone and grass areas outside.

Natural wood residence interior


Modern natural wood residence interior design

Outdoor space: The property has a long narrow shape, most of which is occupied by the house itself. This doesn’t leave a lot of yard space but the designers still manage to come up with a proper design. They turn the outdoor space into a series of pathways and garden areas that circle the whole building. The vegetation includes mostly low-rise plants, bushes and flowers. They alleys are made from patterned stone tiles with small grey rubble spread around it.

Outdoor staircase design


Carmel residence outdoor staircase design

Building structure: The house has two floor levels connected via an outdoor staircase. The ground level serves all needs of the client. It consists of a living area, a bedroom and an inner courtyard. The living area is a spacious open plan space divided into a living room, kitchen and dining room. The area is connected to the bedroom through the inner courtyard which acts like an outdoor recreation area covered with wood around and glass above. It is a very relaxing place with an interesting construction of vertical timber boards placed with space between them that lets fresh air into the place. The upper floor shelters a single room which can be used as a tea room. It opens to a small terrace that stretches above the kitchen.

Long plan kitchen


Long plan kitchen design

Interior: The interior of this weekend home is in complete harmony with both the environment and the building’s exterior. It consists mainly of timber elements that create a warm cozy look all around the house. The furnishing is minimal with a lot of white fabrics creating a bond with the white walls and ceilings. If you are into charming wooden cottages, this house is definitely for you.
Text by K.H.Hristova

Charming wooden cottage exterior


Charming wooden cottage exterior

Contemporary living area interior


Contemporary living area interior

Carmel residence interior


Carmel residence interior by Dirk Denison Architects

Natural wood terrace exterior design


Natural wood terrace exterior design



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