Art project house by Sami Rintala


Element house design by Sami Rintala

This interesting cubic structure is designed as a part of a Korean architectural project, called Anyang Public Art Park. The location of the park is set in the small Korean town Anyang that invites designers and artists from all over the world to participate in the creation of the new modern park. The project is based on the Japanese art and architecture parks and aims at designing an innovative environment for people among virgin nature.

House design in Korea


Wood and steel house design in Korea

Project concept: The park stands on a river valley which provides a vivid wild landscape of trees, forest and water. Here, among nature’s heart stands Sami Rintala’s modern piece of art designed with a concept of nature’s elements and spiritual retreat. The building is situated on top of a hill near an outdoor pathway leading to the mountains. Its main purpose is to shelter hikers who are tired, or hungry, or they just want to enjoy a peaceful view to the mountains. The place is also suitable for a temple where one can light some incense as Buddhists used to do back in the day when the valley used to be their important spiritual area.

Simple modern structure house design


Simple modern structure house design

The building: Having such a significant role in the surrounding environment, this art project building is designed as a simple modern structure. It has one main cubic body made from steel and four smaller wooden bodies attached to it on different floor levels. They also have cubic shapes and each represents a different element of nature. The underground level is the cellar and it represents water; the first level is the courtyard and it stands for soil; the second one stands for fire and the last one – for air.

Element house interior design


Element house interior design

Interior space: Simplicity is the key word here. This building is created for physical and spiritual rest and so it has to be as clean of detail as possible. The main steel body creates solid shelter that leads to the sunnier and more open parts of the structure. There one can relax and be in one with themselves and nature. This original art project provides a most natural enclosed environment that isolates you from the outside world but doesn’t allow you to lose contact with it.
Text by K.H.Hristova

Staircase architecture design



Element house staircase design


Wood and steel Element house staircase design

Cubic shape architecture plan


Cubic shape architecture plan of Element house

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