Timber and Glass House


Timber and glass house by Shaun Lockyer Architects

Shaun Lockyer Architects designed this timber-glass house and it is the result of a new approach to architecture and design. The house is built in a combination of wood and glass, which naturally suggests comfort and beauty combined into one whole. In this project we can find different volumes, and it is important to note that here the focus is directed primarily to the charm of open-ended design. This is a creative architecture, which provides the glamor of outdoor fascinating areas and submits it to the audience in its most pleasant vision.

Minimalist kitchen design


Modern minimalist kitchen design

On the main floor houses the minimalist kitchen, which is one centre in the interior of the house. We all know that this part of the home is one of its hottest points. The kitchen is always the centre of all other areas accurately and thus is developed here this concept and design. Here we can find a free-flowing floor plan, of which this great sliding glass wall adds even more style and beauty. In this way, the kitchen is directly connected to the garden and this smart solution is one of the biggest advantages of the beautiful house. In fact, this role is played by many windows of the house.

Open-ended design family room


Open-ended design family room

Bedrooms and family rooms are very nice in design and ambience and offer a real peace. While the main floor is characterized by a more socially oriented function, here there is no trace of it. You can count also on a beautiful dining room and loft with stunning decor and panoramic views.

Hardwood dining room


Hardwood dining room design

Entrance of timber and glass house


Entrance of timber and glass house

Minimalist free flowing floor plan


Stylish minimalist free flowing floor plan

Outdoor fascinating areas architecture


Outdoor fascinating areas architecture design

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