The Rain Shine house in Georgia


Rain-Shine house with Eco architecture

There is another good example for contemporary house in Decatur, Georgia, USA. It is the family house Rain Shine built by Robert M. Cain. It was designed for a retirement residence for a couple with a lot of space for guests. This house is famous for its achievements in green architecture. It is considered one of the most nontoxic, single-family houses in the USA.
The name of the house is derived from its key design features. One of them is the system for collecting rain water located in the basement.

House with photovoltaic system


Modern Sustainable Architecture in Georgia

House is called Rain. The other feature, called Shine is the photovoltaic system mounted on the roof so that it has maximum south exposure. The roof itself is designed in the unique shape of a butterfly. This design is chosen in order to collect rain water easier and lead it straight to the harvesting system in the basement. This is the most interesting feature of the house as it is not only functional but also aesthetically beautiful. Under the roof there are continuous clerestories to let natural light into the space inside.

Bedroom in Rain Shine house


The cozy Contemporary bedroom in Rain Shine  house

Rain Shine house is a two-story single-family house with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The entrance is located on the west part of the house. It leads to a large open-plan hall. From here you can go left to the kitchen and dining area, right to the living room or straight where you can enter the front porch. The porch also provides entrance to the large master bedroom and to the yard. The other two bedrooms and a small office are situated upstairs.
The rooms in the house are spacious and very well lit. The interior has light color scheme that looks calming under the natural light coming through the large-sized windows and the clerestories. We can see wood widely used for the flooring as well as the ceiling and stairways all around the house. It is combined with light greens, grays and yellows in house interior.

Rain Shine house kitchen


Minimalist and Fresh kitchen design

Dining area


Dining area with minimalistic touch

Living room in family house


Amazing living room furniture

Rest area


Rest area in Rain Shine house

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