The cabin design – abundance by sunlight


Wonderful cabin design

If you want to be impressed by a beautiful view, you can look at this wonderful cabin design by Norway architect Tommie Wilhelmsen. This breath-taking view provides not only comfort but also a romantic sea view, because it comes from a quiet island among the ocean expanse. The cabin is made of wood and it boasts a very dynamic design. Here we can fully understand the meaning of words, a merger between the interior and exterior because it offers folding glass walls, which can be easily transformed to suit your desires.

Dark wood deck exterior


Dark wood deck exterior

As you can see from the pictures, this shell is collared dark wood deck and an outdoor walkway surrounds the entire building. It is amazing, right. The cabin offers many original twists until the very roof and the facade is lined with copper shades of wood. The interior offers a charming mix of wood and concrete walls, successfully warms by the natural wood floors and spacious ceilings with abundance by sunlight.


Contemporary cabin in dynamic design

Living area with fireplace


Modern living area with fireplace

Kitchen-dining area


Convinient kitchen and  dining area in minimalist style

Living room


Romantic sea view from living room

Cabin House by Tommie Wilhelmsen


Cabin designed by Tommie Wilhelmsen

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