Stone Home Natural Design


Stone home natural design

These wonderful works of art of stone are located in Seattle Prentice. In fact, these are 2,800-sq. – Ft. beautiful home design of low profile stone and earth materials, as in regards, to which nobody can remain indifferent. Here we can enjoy the view overlooking Griffin Bay and a few magnificent old trees. The architect not only has chosen to keep them, but even he is inserted them into the architectural solution, which is an interesting and unusual idea. This solution of course is just another plus for the project, because the natural scenery is matched perfectly and even has merged with the architecture, and has enriched it.

Living room with fireplace


Living room with fireplace

 The fireplace here is a perfect living interior focus. It is designed from floor to the ceiling and its beautiful sliding glass walls provide a very modern look. A beautiful roof garden house complements this fairy tale.

Beautiful roof garden design


Beautiful roof garden design

 Modern dining room


Modern dining room with hardwood furnishing

Hardwood kitchen design


Stylish hardwood kitchen design

Art of stone and wood


Wonderful works of art of stone and wood

House in Seattle Prentice


House in Seattle Prentice with sliding glass walls

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