Small House Turns Big

Small House Turns Big – renovation ideas by Bates Masi


Modern Minimalist Renovated House

So how come a small house could be more luxurious than a large house? Just check out Mako Residence designed by the award-winning architecture firm Bates Masi and find that out for yourself. It is a little luxury retreat on 1,800 sq. ft. in Amagansett, NY, whose space was too tight for owners’ growing family.

Prior to the renovation project its areas of the structure were sagging, and large expanses of glass admitted too much direct sunlight.  The renovation idea for this house, whose form was of a series of boxes and turrets, called for a small house addition and an overall exterior redesign. This allowed for a more functional and fashionable cottage home with more space and amenities, while simplifying its form and function into a balanced whole that fit within the owners’ busy everyday life.

 Living Room Interior Design


White and Fresh Living Room Interior Design

Valuable living space was increased and all added spaces tied the house together visually and structurally. On the second floor the new bedroom and bath boast a sliding glass wall which opens onto a new deck, and take advantage of the spectacular views of the surrounding dunes and the ocean.

The roof extended to form a sunshade that stretches, ribbon-like, comprised of 16-ft.-long vertical boards, heated and twisted 180 degrees, which past the existing master bedroom windows and down to a new storage closet on the first floor. This screen gives also privacy from the street below to the bedroom, while steel is hidden within the screen’s frame to stiffen the existing wall that had been bowing out.

The Kitchen Design


White Minimalist Design Kitchen Interior

The sleek new kitchen allows the space of the former eat-in kitchen to become a proper dining room, ideal for entertaining and casual meals with the family. The kitchen also opens onto a terrace in the private back yard.

Additional effects are added during night when, viewed from the road, the twisting boards create visual effects that seem to move as the viewer does. Bates Masi Architects

The Bedroom Design


The Bedroom Interior design

Modern Architecture Renovation – Minimalist House


Modern Architecture Renovation

Renovated Modern House


Renovated Modern House

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