Platform House Design with Overlooking River


Unique house architecture with flat roof

Alberto Campo Baeza Architects has designed this unique house; it is a real proof of the strong influence of minimalism, and its charm. This platform design house is located in New York. At first glance, here we may notice just plain concrete walls, and yet, somehow they are still unusual.

Platform house design


Platform house design by Alberto Campo Baeza

This is a box built on a platform, which owns a flat roof, covered with travertine. The roof deck is quite large and spacious, so that all lovers of panoramic views can be fascinated. Here is found an incredible view of the Hudson River, which acts on us like real therapy for stress in our daily lives. The roof is made of consoles, which that are 10 feet.

Minimalist interior design


Minimalist interior design

This place is always ready to offer you a shady comfort, because the house has a covered deck where you can relax or have fun. The view is indeed amazing because your eyes can cover the entire river valley. From floor to ceiling, beautiful glass walls cover the house. Minimalist decor is beautiful and it you can fully capture and enhance your feeling of space. Daylight bathes the entire room and brings many positive sentiments and attitudes.

Modern living furniture


Modern living furniture

We can also be completely charmed by those three open areas that are actually living areas, dining room and kitchen. Facials are also very nice areas, like service zones and stairs areas.

Contemporary dining room interior


Contemporary dining room interior

Open plan living space design


Open plan living space design

Minimalism house design


Strong influence of minimalism house design

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