Creative and original architecture project in Luxemburg


picture by Steve Troes


A creative and original architecture project in Luxemburg has become an absolute and total hit among the newest buildings in this diverse and attractive city. Combing weirdness and symmetric beauty the style behind the Cessange project is undefined, but cogently labeled as most modern pattern for a contemporary and real 21st century masterpiece.

Original architecture project in the new capital of urban modernization, Luxemburg


 Providing a large abundance of original and traditionally beautiful, modern, architecture projects, Luxemburg has stolen the main attention for itself for the last decades. The development of the city is totally enviable and fast growing and the newest architecture project – the Cessange building – is a real proof for that. Check it out and you will be definitely convinced in this statement.

Creative and original architecture project in Luxemburg – conception and ideas


Starting with the unique outdoor façade of the building, the creative and original architecture project Cessange, catches the eye of the accidental passers-by with its ornaments on the walls. The graffiti sketches are the new modern wallpapers for a wall in a big city and the developers here are definitely accepting them as a true piece of art, but not an illegal act. The rough grey foundations are perfectly diversified with these amazing and truly independent and original draws.

Graffiti  feature wall


The graffiti drawings as a main theme in this creative and original architecture project are prolonged on the roof of the building. The wooden presence here stresses on the traditionalism and classicism of convenient home creation. The bright decors are sweetly matched with the exterior design of the project that is represented by the single pair of exotic trees with pink and yellow blossoms.

Terrace design and rattan furniture


The originality and the functionality of the Cessange project are also contrasted on the nearest building with the wings of the buildings that are used for specific rooms and space areas. The large windows, on the other hand, are expressly situated and concentrated on one particular zone in the building in order to provide the best views for the inhabitants and to use the natural sunlight as a leading eco-friendly idea in the project.

The creative and original interior design in Cessange project


The Cessange project in Luxemburg is not just another creative and original architecture project. It is also a beautiful conception for luxury interior design ideas that are developed for the new domestic atmosphere and lifestyle of the 21st century. Most of the rooms are designed as multifunctional spaces, which could be used for more than one or two purposes. Check the living room, for instance. The spaciousness of the premise can be classified as an inspiring idea for a hybrid between a living room and a dining room.

White spiral staircase


The surfaces are glass, marble, and wooden. The office area and the kids room are connected by a glass roof, and the minimalist stairs are leading to the striking kitchen, where one more dining room is placed as a beautiful link to the other zone of the house. The high ceiling and the luxury lighting settings are appearing as another accent in this contemporary idea for a modern home.

Architects  Metaform

White leather furniture and kitchen design


 Pendant lighting


Minimalist bathroom design


 Graffiti decoration in the original architecture project



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