Modular Sustainable and Transportable Architectural from Germany


Modular Sustainable and Transportable Architecture from Germany

Germany’s Studio Aisslinger describes this incredible sustainable architectural design with three words – “Modular”, “Sustainable”, and “Transportable”.  I would add “unique”, “unbelievably chic” and “inspirational”. This house is called “The Fincube”. It is a low-energy house with horizontal slats made of timber. They surround the transparent, glass wall structure entirely. This adds a very interesting modern flair to the design.

Modular Architecture from Germany


Modular Sustainable and Transportable Architecture from Germany

Nowadays many people are concerned about nature. This is why the problems of ecology inspire many campaigns by the local or international businesses and organizations. Today, more and more architects start to build eco-houses. They are very appropriate for people who want not only to consume but also want to have efficient sources without lavishing. If you are а fan of the eco-houses, this is absolutely a “dream come true”. These small CO2-footprint homes have 47m2 of living space. The design is very nice and modern.  These homes are designed with minimalist interiors that perfectly match the clean, stylish construction.

 Transportable Architecture from Germany


Modular Sustainable and Transportable Architecture from Germany

Even though this house looks very small, the living space is quite expansive on the inside. This is very European. Most of the houses in Europe look very minimalistic on the outside but they are quite expansive and open-space on the inside.  The interior design and the furniture are modern and sustainable. You can see how everything is in perfect harmony. One of the best things about European architecture is the compatibility, style and beauty. The furniture makes the interior even more beautiful. The atmosphere is very inviting. If you have friends over in a house like this, they might even wish to stay for a sleepover. This sustainable German architectural design is a bit more futuristic but it is also very convenient, and practical. These houses, with sustainable architectural design by the German architects, are also called – the way of the eco-friendly future.

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Modular Sustainable and Transportable Architecture from Germany

Sustainable Architecture from Germany


Sustainable Architecture from Germany

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