Modern Luxury Malibu beach house


Modern Design beach house in Malibu

Another example of influence and aesthetics of contemporary architecture is a house built on the beach of Malibu, California by Shubin и Donaldson Architects. Its principal architects are Russell Shubin AIA who began remodeling the existing building in 2001 with the concept to turn it into a modern slice of paradise. The new building had to be isolated from the Malibu Pacific coast highway that is in front of it and correspond to the ocean’s serene atmosphere behind. The necessary isolation is provided by the garage built at the part of the house facing the road. The entrance from the back leads to a country yard paved with large cement tiles. Through beach house one can reach the front terrace and from there – the ocean.



The bedroom interior design

The house is built in 2 levels. On the first level there are a living room, tea room, dining room, powder room and a large terrace. The second level includes a guest room with bath, office, master suite, entertainment room and a sleeping porch. An open type plan is used for the first floor uniting the kitchen and dining room and the living room with the tea room in 2 large living spaces.
Everything in the house, inside and out is made with the thought of the ocean and in order to serve in its favor.

Living room


The Cozy living room  with Soft Furniture and view to the sea

That is achieved through a smooth union of house exterior and interior spaces like living room as well as their correspondence to the surroundings. The materials used for the façade are stucco and cedar that make the large windows stand out. The result is a clean modern look, emphasized with the reflection of glass and simple cubic forms.
The interior of the house is also impressive with its palette of natural woods and limestone. Most of the walls are left white in order to be highlighted by the stunning views of the blue ocean visible through every window of the house. The inside view of the building as a whole leaves an impression that you are on vacation and that you can really relax in this refreshing light atmosphere. The building does really feels like a little oasis among the sand.

Beach house alley


The Entrance to the Beach House – Minimalist Design inspired from the Japanese Traditions

Dining room


Dining room 

Modern beach house bathroom


The Bathroom

Beach house terrace


The terrace with perfect view to the Sea

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