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This is a wonderful art gallery, which all connoisseurs of elegance and modern art would appreciate. This house is designed in a style art collection by the Brazil architecture firm of Humberto Hermeto and has a huge magnetic force. For all people who have affinity for fine things in life, this place is a real boon. This is a truly modern luxury home – gallery, which offers impressive decors. Here we can be surprised by the non-standard appearance of the building plot, which has a vertical rise of 10 meters. This fact is crucial for the current slope of the house, recreated in an amazing way by creating a beautiful staircase to the home. The interior of the building offers five beautiful apartments, but this is not all.

Minimalist living room


Here we can enjoy more of the amazing gallery, and living rooms, intelligently arranged on three levels. Thus, the allocation of space provides opportunities for many different functions and options for its use. Art Gallery is located on the lower level due to the need for special temperature to maintain the good condition of works of art. The building has an outdoor pool, which is another luxurious touch to this whole pageant of beauty. This provides another interesting solution – a reinforced concrete portico, which is actually a protection from the hot sun rays. In addition, you can relax and enjoy a perfect view – incredible mountain scenery.

House with concrete portico


Contemporary house with outdoor pool


Contemporary art house


Modern living areas


Luxury home gallery


House gallery by Humberto Hermeto


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