Modern House Design by Johnsen Schmaling Architects


Modern House Design – The Ferrous House

This Modern House  built on the foundations of an older building. It is designed by Johnsen Schmaling Architects. The house design combines simplicity, privacy and sophistication. It is also a true example of how to use obsolete structures and turn them into something new and functional. The lot is a part of 1970’s ranches situated in a natural preserve in Spring Prairie, Wisconsin. The building used to be a neglected old ranch.A lot of it was destroyed and removed except the foundations, plumbing cores and perimeter walls. The new structure is designed with a lot of consideration for privacy. The modern house is wrapped with steel panels on three of its sides.


The forth side that faces the south is open to a patio. This is the back of the house that has a nice view to the natural forest ahead. The house design features an open floor plan type. It consists of two levels. The level above ground has a rectangular shape and sets the perimeter for the main volume. The lower level is for the garage and is only reachable from one side of the house.

Modern House Design – Living Room


Living area   modern house design

At the front of the building there is an exterior staircase that leads to a small glazed addition to the main structure that is used as a foyer. It extends to the next level to form an observatory on the roof. The roof that has a slight tilt is supported by trusses made from steel and wood. Those trusses are clearly visible in the interior and matched in color with the rest of the house design.

Modern House Design – Furniture


The Ferrous House interior

The  modern house furnishing of the Ferrous house is simple and modern. It uses very well polished and smooth surfaces that give sophisticated luster to the whole place. A fair amount of natural light enters the building through the windows and softens the dark natural coloring of the rooms.

Modern House Design


The Modern Architecture Home


Modern House Design by Johnsen Schmaling Architects

Modern exterior


Modern  house exterior

Forest House with modern design


House roof


Modern house roof

By K.H.Hristova

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