Modern California Architecture with brown-field site


Contemporary house combination of home and studio

Maybe you wonder where this very modern architecture is and the answer is that it is positioned in La Jolla, San Diego. Architect and homeowner is Jonathan Segal. He was inspired to breathe life into an empty space, which in fact previously only one was a brown-field site. Modern architecture is a combination of home and studio, offering an interesting mix of benefits between the two. This house, designed in the urban style is actually built on the steel walls. Here you will find a stucco box, securely affixed to them.

House with reflecting pool


Modern architecture house with reflecting pool

On one side of the building is located reflecting pool, and on the other side has a glass floor. In this way, is forming a sort of glass ceiling of the room, which can be used as both a rest room and office area. This creates a great atmosphere, which can hardly be described in words. In addition, top floor home with open concept allows free transfusion between interior and garden.

Open plan living area design


Open plan living area design

Glass ceiling of living room


Contemporary glass ceiling of living room

Minimalist kitchen and dining room


Minimalist hardwood kitchen and dining room

Urban style house design


Urban style house design with glass walls

House designed by Jonathan Segal


Stucco box house designed by Jonathan Segal

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