Modern architecture house in Sicily


Contemporary home in Sicily

Italian designers keep on astounding us with gorgeous interior, exterior and architecture ideas. This one comes from Sicily and represents us an amazing house set in the middle of nowhere but sets our sensation into a really high level – hold on your breath and welcome to the house that definitely can bring you happiness and joy.
Main idea in this contemporary architecture consists of glass reflective magic and marble stability and greatness. Constructors have endeavored to build a house with extravagant wings that accumulates heat inside and impresses its conception around the landscape.

Beautiful contemporary landscape


Beautiful contemporary landscape

The landscape, itself, is smooth and flat. It is diversified with palm trees only which is the symbol of frozen nature around.Main materials in this fantastic modern architecture coming directly from Sicily are glass and marble. Arches are built around the whole house in some graceful combinations with the inside stairs, that can lead you to all rooms in the house. Glass decorations can be found in the building, too – on the walls in the lounge, in the corners in bedroom and on the tables in the dining room and living room. Windows are wide and widely opened calling from the fresh air, high spirits and positive feelings.

Contemporary architecture house


Contemporary architecture house

High ceiling in the contemporary Sicily architecture for a house for the whole family impresses authenticity, firmness and peace. The grandness is preserved in the rooms, too. Interior design inside is collaborated with the main idea of Sicilian architects that presents us this fantastic masterpiece. Furniture is simple and compact, so premises are full of vacant place where you put … nothing. Flooring is marble, too – in white or classic silver shade that finish the conception of solidity.

Minimalist interior design


Minimalist staircase and interior design

Call a professional team of architects and order this dreamy house for living. Invest in this because stability, peace and coziness are actually priceless – it is something you build inside your house by your own and inside your soul during your whole lifetime. Italian designers in this Sicilian project give their idea for free and expect from you nothing but feel the building as yours and join their cause of pleasing life.

Modern interior design


Modern interior design

Minimalist living room


Minimalist living room and furniture

Amazing minimalist kitchen


Amazing minimalist kitchen design

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