Minimalist Home Interior and Architecture


Luxury minimalist living room design

Here we offer you a beautiful minimalist interior, which is an amazing creation, designed by Spanish firm A-cero. This minimalist architecture and interior does have a very strong impact on each of us, thanks to its amazing and charming solutions and combinations. Here we can witness exclusive mixes, such as those between modern and minimalist, the simplicity and comprehensive. More on the entry into this house, we find ourselves in a great living room and dining room.

Bathroom interior design


Black and White Minimalist bathroom design

They are designed with great open concept, which gives a space and ease, and is provided here provide convenient entrance to a kitchen with a bathroom. The doors are slightly rounded, and this makes them a more attractive and originality. In fact, everything here is built in full compliance with sculptural features. Ceiling provides exceptional functions and the staircase has a very contemporary look. Numerous advanced features of this project are expressed both within the style, so and in its details such as interior lighting, for example. Here the lighting is built into the ceilings and walls, thus providing a great emphasis on the wonderful architectural features of the interior.

White glossy kitchen


Unique white minimalistic glossy kitchen

 The kitchen was designed and furnished with great charm, and offer many advantages /such as fresh and clean interior lines/, and similarly it provides breadth of the internal space. Stainless steel appliances add extra very modern vision of the premise, as made a beautiful contrast with these elegant glossy white cabinets and floors.

Modern futuristic dining room


Ultra modern futuristic dining room design

Monochromatic color scheme, which is actually a feature of minimalism, offer us fascinating effects and its beauty can not remain unnoticed. In the end we can only add that the whole project is filled with the spirit of an ultra-modern futurism, which is the real secret of its attractiveness.

Stylish living room


Stylish living room in black and white

Staircase lighting design


Contemporary staircase lighting design

Minimalist bedroom design


Minimalist bedroom with unique lighting

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