Inverted Roof Architecture

Fabulous guesthouse is actually real and it is presented in the wondrous surroundings on Virginia, nearby Lake Anna. The interesting and exciting project is actually the work of talented architect Robert M. Gurney. Most remarkable in this scene is the roof that visually matches the image of a free bird with outstretched wings.


Stylish inverted roof architecture

 This is called inverted roof architecture, which is the antithesis of all standard models roofs that you have seen so far. The architect is known as a connoisseur of true harmony, and so you do not find here wealth and splendor, even the opposite – the greatest merit of the project are the simple materials and construction methods.

Modern house


Modern house near Lake Anna Virginia

The inspired ideas reveal a fascinating view of the modest facade, which the architect has created and built in a very practical way, a lot away from any conventionalities. Here in the foreground also highlights an exciting combination of raw and refined, recreated in an unusual and intriguing house plan. The interior offers exposed plywood walls, which is also an unusual decision. Here we can meet and ceramic tile floors, and a chic fireplace feature – something that always attach great charm of the internal decor.

Living room with fireplace


Minimalist living room with fireplace

The fireplace is actually represented a focal point, which definitely attracts attention and really fascinates visitors with elegance and style. The inverted roof architecture is crucial for the unconventional shapes and proportions of the interior – the ceiling here is reversed, with a corner directed upwards. Of course, rectangular windows, revealing in a unique way the beauty of natural views are also part of this magic and they further bring great visual interest.

Stylish living room


Stylish living room with rectangular windows

Contemporary dining area


Contemporary dining area design

 House exterior design


House exterior design



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