Glass house in Hollywood


Hollywood glass house

This contemporary home ascends on the famous Hollywood Hills in LA, California. Its creator is architect John Lautner. It is a typical glass house that captures our imagination with total exposure to the environment and has a clean modern design. The skeleton construction is made from reinforced concrete while most of the external walls, even in the bathroom, are made from glass. The views revealed from every angle of the transparent walls are stunning. They show the surrounding wild vegetation as well as the city skyline in the distance. It’s a bizarre mixture of urban and natural that makes you feel in glass house somehow connected to the city even though it is so far away.

Hollywood glass house bedroom


Hollywood glass house modern bedroom

The interior design of the house is neat and freed from complicated details. It is designed in the standard minimalist manner – small amount of furniture for the spacious rooms, natural surfaces in neutral colors and a lot of airspace. The inside of this modern home is created to look so simple, because the light coming through the large glass walls disperse inside and creates an interesting world of shadows. The movement of the leaves reflects on those shadows and the images of the half-empty rooms suddenly come to live. This house is designed on the principle so that the little there is inside can become more when nature is added to the equation.

Bathroom in Hollywood residence


The bathroom design

The kitchen and the bathroom in glass house have an interesting design. The furnishing in both is minimalist. The kitchen impresses with a wooden ceiling that has a large opening revealing a view to the sky. The bathroom is completely exposed to the outside world thanks to the glass walls, but this isn’t much of a problem, considering there is no one in range who can really see you.
The yard has a fair size. It is designed with wooden flooring and small ponds. It makes the house look as though it is emerging from the rich surrounding flora. This home is a good example of how a building should interact with nature.

Hollywood residence living room


The Relax Area in the House with View to the CIty

Minimalist kitchen


The Minimalist  kitchen in Hollywood glass house



The Library 

Hollywood glass residence


Modern And Minimalistic Architecture

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