Contemporary greenhouse architecture


Greenhouse in Scandinavian style

Agneta Enzell is a designer and owner of this lovely garden with a contemporary look and design that you can see the pictures below. This inspiration is a wonderful combination of contemporary with an inspired “greenhouse” twist here and relationship with nature is so strong, that visitors will no doubt remain fascinated. This house is designed in Scandinavian style and is quite typical, revealing to us a classic colour scheme in black and white. Light, space and comfort – these are the most accurate features, thanks to which we can describe part of this incredible beauty of the Swedish home.

Modern garden home


Modern garden home design

Here we can find a real ease in design, and it is so attractive, that it makes this structure a universal addition to any outdoor space, regardless of location. You can apply this incredible design for all decor styles, because this really is an ideal and successful background for various and interesting activities. The home has a beautiful glass wall offering plenty of sunshine and contributes to the more serene and optimistic atmosphere. This is actually twenty-four billion square meters of glass and steel that can completely change your perceptions and your lifestyle, because everything here is filled of joy and optimism.

Black and white kitchen


Black and white kitchen

This design would suit any major life activity – as a wonderful place for reading and relaxation, or the cosy guesthouse, or anything very different, what your imagination can tell you.

Contemporary dining room


Contemporary dining room

Swedish home kitchen design


Swedish home kitchen design

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