Contemporary Holland architecture


Modern island house in Amsterdam

A new attitude to the lifestyle is represented in Holland. This contemporary architecture created to be adopted in a future house building plan impresses with artistry and ingenuity. Want to believe or not – this is a home place no matter how weird it looks like especially if you are fond of traditions stuffs.

Island house


Island house with outdoor furniture and ray grass

House is located among a wide area somewhere on the island. The territory is deserted so you will have enough time to create this house and later – enough time to spend some time by your own in looking at it and admire at what you have achieved in your attempt of building and constructing. You do not need any gardens, trees or bushes here. Ray grass is completely enough to drop a hint at nature`s presence if we can call ray grass natural at all. The non-standard shape in this contemporary architecture says enough for attracting people`s attention.

Modern house


Modern house with bridge

There is no opinion on the discussion what kind of geometrical figure this house represents actually. But explaining the measures, sizes and the shape of the architecture should not be our main goal. Its angles all over the building are impressing and minimalistic.
This construction is built with concrete, marble and some wood for the decoration elements inside the house.



Minimalist island house in Amsterdam

The conception is modern and brings some peculiar mood to the atmosphere in the property where the house is located. This architecture is not a normal one because the building does not have even four but more walls. One of them is covered with mirror – an abstract element of the beautifying process. Windows are, too, in irregular shapes – rectangular standards are replaced with some anomalous figures so a person who is not much of the art will think builders and craftsmen were just wrong or drunk during the construction.

Modern house


Minimalist living area in modern house

But these are not mistakes in house. This contemporary architecture means wrong, irregular things could also be attractive and beautiful just the way normal and regular ones are. You will believe in this thought if you find this modern house nice and pretty.

Modern kitchen


Modern kitchen with island

Living room


Modern island house living room

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