Contemporary exotic house by Guz Architects


Luxury architecture house design by Guz architects

Famous agency for modern architecture and interior design – Guz Architects – name it Fish House. Why? – Maybe, because of the enormous vanguard swimming pool as an accent in the exterior. Or maybe, because of its exotic view… Or maybe, because owing and living in such a beautiful house will make feel as free as a fish feels amidst the unbounded ocean.

Exterior of Singapore Fish House


Modern exterior of Singapore Fish House

The contemporary exotic house is located in the sunny Singapore. Its architecture impresses with the terrific combination between the rounded and the angular shapes. The house is constructed into many sections which are also divided into many parts for creating each room. On the contrary – the swimming pool is in an irregular rounded shape. It is too divided into sections, each one with a different illumination. The illusion that the swimming pool creates is that it is consisting of many watercourses.

Stylish exterior design


Stylish exterior Fish house design

Between the swimming pool sections is located an artificial island. Adding two palms on its ground makes the atmosphere realistic, exotic and really, really hot – here, the only problem you might have is the empty cocktail glass, the environment is perfect for relaxation in the afternoon for a couple hours or for a week in a holiday vacation.

Minimalist exterior and interior design


Minimalist exterior and interior design

Another tropical element in the exterior of the Singapore Fish House by Guz Architects is the cozy set of outdoor furniture. Bamboo table is combined with straw stools. Anything else you can see outside the exotic house is the greenery that calms you down. The luxury and the sensation you are some kind of VIP guest in a conference for billionaires from all over the world are transferred inside the house as well.

Modern living area interior design


Modern living area interior design

Best high-tech interior design you can ever see is making the house looks like a residence of our dreams. Bright colors paints the walls, polished flooring is so delicate that you can barely walk here if you are not used to such a snobbery environment. Furniture, itself, is comfortable and minimalistic – creating the idea for endless relish.

Minimalist bathroom interior


Minimalist bathroom interior

Contemporary TV-room design


Contemporary TV-room design

Roof garden exterior design


Stylish roof garden exterior design

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