Contemporary architecture – Lake house in Canada


This lovely wooden lake house is located on Bowen Island, Canada. The island is mostly known as a day-trip destination from Vancouver, as it is just a 20-minute ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver. The quiet, forested island  offers a number of popular swimming beaches, and hosts the annual sailing and kayaking races. The nearby Crippen Regional Park features maintained trails and picnic areas. It is a perfect location for relaxing retreat high above the everyday hustle and bustle as the casual comfort of this lake home deign offers.

Modern architecture  lake house


The lake house is designed by Calgary-based Sturgess Architecture and was made for a couple and their two children, visitors and extended family. The studio has been recognized for the innovation, appropriateness to context, sustainability and economic efficiency. Its 20 staff members are led by Principal Jeremy Sturgess, who has gained a widespread recognition and numerous awards for his projects. They won a national competition for The Bridges Master Plan in 1999 and today they are one of Canada’s leading architecture and urban design firms.

Living room in the lake house


The team decided to divide the house into a primary residence and a guest house yet linked under one roof. The home faces north on a steep cliff overlooking Howe Sound (network of fjords situated immediately north-west of Vancouver), surrounded by nature with water at its feet 100m below, as only the roof marks its presence in the landscape. The lake house has a raised plan with elongated bow-tie design which maximizes glazing and the amazing views while at the same time minimizes the house’s visual impact on the landscape. The wood design boasts an earthy appeal with a naturally finished slate, cedar shingles and a copper-colored roof. That extends across the two volumes and framed the view of the water beyond while the entrance leads through the blasted rock to a sheltered deck.


Dining area


The second floor interior design


Contemporary architecture wooden lake house










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