Contemporary architecture from Mexico


Contemporary architecture from Mexico

This Contemporary architecture from Mexico is one of the latest architecture projects made in Mexico. Brilliance in it is noticed by the first glimpse which is transferred into an eternity – because eyes are made and given from God to be attracted by beautiful and outstanding views and visions.The architecture of this house reminds the audience of an Egyptian pyramid. Charming waterfall and spending artificial illuminations breaks the illusion you are in Egypt quickly. An enormous swimming pool occupies the whole area in the property. Water greatness and superiority is stressed again with the presence of waterfall. Water trickles fall from the stairs of the house, too. Lightings are emphasizing it gently and delicately.Marble and ceramic materials are perfectly and in the same time strangely combined with plants around the contemporary architecture from Mexico.


Contemporary Architecture Building by Arquitectura en Proceso

Ray grass and few trees are the only natural symbols. Trees are hanging massively without making efforts to overshadow water attendance in the whole picture. Water is the main element here – I guess because of the heat in Mexico.As you see, there is no diversity of colors in the Mexican contemporary architecture. Transparent and white materials used for the construction of the beautiful house make the wished for collaboration with water presence. Reflections and shades are coming from the illuminations which create an amazing play with the light and shades effects. Purple and light blue nuances are carried beyond the impressive sumptuousness of the building.Last but least – no furniture is arranged next to the house. Its brilliance is so fascinating and produce so much astonishment that it could be thought for untenantable. Wrong! This house must be inhabited because it is a sin such a great architecture to be left with no admirations and praises. The enormous swimming pool with the lightings reflected in it is waiting to be tried and maintained of course, too. The stairs must be a little bit wet for climbing up but Mexican people must have definitely installed an elevator inside the house. Put the lights on and flush the water out – feel the magic of this contemporary architecture!

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