Casa de Veraneo by BAK Arquitectos Asociados


This is a small cozy house located in a shore resort in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is called Casa de Veraneo, designed by BAK Arquitectos Asociados. The building has only one floor with a large deck at the front. It is a vacation home set in the middle of the forest, among tall trees and fresh air. The respect and appreciation for nature is well displayed by preserving the trees where the front deck is built. The wooden deck is placed around the trees and has holes left for the trunks.The whole deck is build a little higher, above ground level so that water can easily reach the tree roots.

Casa de Veraneo – Wooden forest house


Thanks to this thoughtful idea Casa de Veraneo looks as though it has fused with nature and they both exist as one whole. We can say that the house is a great addition to the forest and that the forest is a great addition to the house. The material used for the construction of the house is concrete. The whole building lies on a concrete slab. The façade is made from wood and glass as a regular modern nature friendly home. The roof is also wooden. Wood makes the building look in place and blends in with the forest around it.

Casa de Veraneo – Home interior


The interior of Casa de Veraneo is left very rough and simple. Wood is the material that also prevails inside, as does concrete covered with stucco for the construction. The minimal furniture looks plain but it brings a certain amount of coziness to the atmosphere.

Minimalist bedroom


The bedroom has smaller windows for more privacy while the common living areas are much more revealed. Large glass walls and windows open the house to the outside views. The house has a very pleasant and calm presence among the sea of forest trees. It brings both a feeling of connection to nature and a feeling of home’s warmth.

Wooden small kitchen


Dining area


Modern forest house


By K.H.Hristova

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