Camouflage house by Johnsen Schmaling Architects


Camouflage wooden lake house

This house is created by Johnsen Schmaling Architects. Its location is set in Green Lake, Wisconsin, USA. The site sits on a plateau with thick forest all around. The building itself is situated on top of a sheer slope that descends to a lake. Among the rough terrain the house looks small and is hardly visible from the narrow winding road that leads up to it. But it’s just the idea of staying low and getting in touch with nature that bring the flavor to this house. The concept of the building is to merge with the surrounding area. That’s why it’s called the Camouflage house.

House in log-cabin style


Modern forest house in log-cabin style

It is designed to be there as a log-cabin style home that has both natural feeling and modern elegance to it. That is achieved by a complicated façade system that consists of different layers. The objective is to reflect the natural colors of the tree trunks and their changing while moving around the place. This camouflage effect is created with the use of two different types of panels mounted to a grid on the façade. The first layer is clad in untreated cedar and the second consists of reflective wood veneer panels in various natural colors that resemble tree trunks. In time, the cedar will become gray due to the weather conditions while the other panels will preserve their original look.

 L-shaped wooden rustic house


L-shaped wooden rustic house with modern architecture

The house consists of two stories and has a simple L-shaped plan. All the rooms are arranged in a continuous straight line that begins from a glazed entrance hall separating the living area from the garage. The lower level faces the lake side and harbors all the bedrooms. The rest of the living spaces are located on the upper floor designed with an open floor plan.

Interior design in lake house


Home interior design in lake house

The interior of the house has a very natural look to it. It is furnished in the modern minimal manner. What’s interesting about this internal design is that the beams are visible in all of the rooms bringing a certain thrill and liveliness to the place. The natural warm colors of this inviting interior design create a cozy pleasant atmosphere.

Modern living room


Modern living room with wooden walls

 Contemporary kitchen with island


Contemporary kitchen with island

 Minimalist dining area


Minimalist dining area in wooden lake house


By K.H.Hristova

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