Being a star in your own movie

Contemporary-architecture-of-house-with-LCD -TV

Contemporary architecture of house with LCD TV

Contemporary architecture does need any explanations or elucidations. It presents us the new vision of the world, the new approach to the world. And if the ancient architects had been called geniuses, architects nowadays are artists with extremely fascinating offers for building our lives. Contemporary architects force us to create our homes and our office buildings in a way that can suit with us – not with the epoch, the economical situation or the show business lifestyle. Contemporary architects let you to be a star in your own movie.

Modern country house


Country house with modern architecture

This is the idea of this conception for a modern country house. It is still located somewhere, in the middle of nowhere, far away from the big city, constant noise and endless vanity. But this house is alive because it shows the movie of this big city you have run away from. So with this house – you are among the nature and country life but in the same way you still live in this world and in the global movie of vanity and noise.

Contemporary house exterior


House with beautiful exterior

As architecture the house that lets you to be a star in your own movie is simple, comfortable and easy to be maintained. Te big LCD TV set is installed in the ledgers and take the part of one wall. Others are wooden, too, and have more than one entrance to your home. Gates are welcoming and decorated with flowerpots or bells – like those you have seen in the old movies.
Such house could be an incredible place for living for young people, especially for students with artistic tastes.

Contemporary architecture


Home with contemporary architecture and swimming pool

The roof is stable and except for wood, its architecture consists of materials as rock and steal. Big parties on the roof under the stars will never become old fashioned. The inner architecture of the country-Hollywood style house is and ordinary one. Second floor is divided into two parts – mansard and an extra bedroom for visitors. If you want, you can save a little space for a workshop or an office when you need to concentrate on an important project.

Modern living room


Living room with modern lighting and glass walls

First floor is mostly a living room, where you cook, eat and spend your free time. Bedroom is situated on the opposite side of the outside LCD TV set. The idea is to separate the day from night and the movie from the reality.

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