Art Nouveau House


Art nouveau house

If you are looking for inspiration, maybe this house in Art Nouveau style is exactly what can be helpful. This house is actually designed by Cedric Bernard Devaux and Meuris and it is located in Brussels, Belgium. These unusual urban houses are organized into one standout structure and the outside of the building dates from as far back in 1906.

Contemporary look architecture design


Contemporary look architecture design

The architecture is truly exciting because this old world gets an innovative sound and of course, provides a contemporary look and aesthetics. Minimalist decor here has a very suitable background for a wonderful mix of contemporary and classics.

 Modern vision lighting


Modern vision lighting

Lighting is especially unique with these hanging lamps, which bring a very modern vision of the interior. Here the interior is characterized with a tribute ornate, molding, French doors and railings and such grandeur is likewise very impressive.

Cozy marble fireplace


Cozy marble fireplace in living room

Beautiful marble fireplace adds extra charm and fills the room with comfort. The open structure of the stairwell, as well as the wonderful large windows, everything here is indeed inspiring!  Pictures of interior design are made by photographer Serge Anton.

Bedroom art nouveau interior 


Bedroom art nouveau interior

 Stylish living room


Stylish living room interior design

Modern bathroom interior


Modern bathroom interior design

Open structure of stairwell


Open structure of stairwell

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