Amazing Mexican beach house


Modern vacation house, Casa Messico in Mexico

This small contemporary home is designed by architect Tatiana Bilbao and artist Gabriel Orozco. It represents an interesting collaboration between these two types of artists. The house is a vacation home located among the beautiful wilderness of Mexico. Despite its modest looking design it offers great outdoor spaces and stunning views of the ocean and the rising ground in the distance.
The overall design is simple and very functional. It’s a single-story building with modest height. The façade is also kept simple, covered with white stucco.

Roof with amazing round pool


Pool on the Roof of the Small Amazing House – Like the Eye of the House looking to the Sky

The focus of the house is set on top of it where a fair-size circular swimming pool is located. Two outdoor concrete staircases lead to the second level that is the roof. Dark wooden flooring acts like a roof cover and also as a deck for the people using the pool. It blends very well with the rocks around it so that the pool looks like a natural pond and the deck is like rocks surrounding it.
There are only two rooms in the house – a kitchen and a living room that also acts as a bedroom. All of the rooms are situated under the roof with the swimming pool.

The Swimming pool


Swimming pool in vacation house Casa Messico

Their house design is minimal and decided in the very strict white and gray color scheme. This makes the inside of the home a bit cold and comes in contrast with the hot climate outside. The creators of the house suppose that most of the time of its inhabitants will be spent outside. That is the reason why this house focuses most on its outdoor spaces. The house has several exits that lead outside. There are concrete decks around the house that allow walking, dining or just sitting outside and admire the beauty of nature. There is also an outdoor shower and a comfortable hammock. One of the outdoor decks is covered with dried palm leaves that act like a shield against the strong Mexican sun.

Staircases to the pool


The White staircases  to the Roof

Outside shower


The Outdoor Shower

Bedroom in vacation house


The Bedroom interior design

Casa Messico bedroom


Guest Bedroom interior

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