White wooden beach house in Costa Rica


This eco friendly wooden beach house is located in Peninsula de Osa in Costa Rica, which claims five percent of the world’s biodiversity. The location has inspired an approach to eco friendly house design, construction and life, and is a part of an initiative by ISEAMI (Institute of Sustainability, Ecology, Art, Mind and Investigation). The house is at the main area of the institute and it will serve as a multifunctional place hosting activities as meditation, training, yoga and relaxation.

Modern wooden beach house in Costa Rica


RoblesArq’s design process called SDRA (Dynamic system Robles Arquitectos) included 10 important elements evaluated during the investigation stage: site, climate, energy, water, materials, environment, atmosphere, cost, innovation with the use of passive strategies and the implemented processes. The architects incorporated many balconies, sliding-glass walls and outdoor entertaining areas, thus blurring the boundary between indoors and out, where beach views can be enjoyed. These elements are analyzed to develop a design and management plan during the building life cycle in order to reduce the possible negative impact which this wooden beach house could bring to the natural environment.

Wooden beach house in white


Thus their main concept was creating a very low maintenance house. The roof material features structural capacities and easy access for its maintenance. All proposed materials were tested as the Osa peninsula environment is a harsh one – humidity, high percentage of rain, mould, fungi. The materials were selected following the results given by an investigation process done to the existing project near the site. An exo-skeleton insect was the inspiration for the structural and electro mechanic design, thus avoiding creation of open spaces between walls and ceilings. Thermal-panels are chosen as a main material for walls and roof due to their solar reflectance index, structural and acoustic properties and ability to assure the thermal comfort without using empty spaces on walls.


Outdoor dining Area


Kitchen design











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