Southern-California courtyard house by Kevin de Freitas Architects


This wonderful Southern-California courtyard house design with a modern flair is designed by the talented architect Kevin de Freitas from Casa Familia. It has originality and beauty. They are combined to create something extraordinary. If you want to be surrounded by nature, comfort, style, and beauty then this is your home.

Two-storey courtyard house design


This compact two-storey courtyard house in contemporary style is actually much bigger than it looks.  The architect has managed to design this beautiful home with large windows and a courtyard at the heart of it. That way he blurred the boundaries between the outdoors and the indoors, creating a great expansive effect with breathtaking views that only amplify the open-space effect. The house’s harmony and connection with nature is much deeper. Casa Familia has made this home a part of the environment by employing energy-efficient low-consumption technologies.

Courtyard house interior


“The courtyard house proved success, consuming 65 per cent less electricity than state-mandated standards and 55 per cent less water than homes of comparable size without sacrificing comfort or aesthetics” says the architect – Kevin de Freitas. This is one of the few, eco architectures in the modern, western world. Let’s hope that someday building homes like this will become a tendency. Being one with nature is very hard in the modern society, especially, when most people crave to live in big cosmopolitan cities but think about it – what could be more pleasant than creating a modern home for you and your kids that is close to nature. Sooner or later a beautiful home like this one becomes a dream or a utopia that we think about late at night after a long day of work. Living in a world without limits isn’t a luxury, it is a choice.


Home interior design


Modern wooden kitchen design


Home interior design


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