Modern travertine house by A-Cero Architecture


Here is a great example of a minimalist modern travertine house set on a hillside slope near Madrid, Spain. It is nothing but harmony between nature and architecture revealed in the design of this amazing house. Designed by architecture firm A-Cero the modern house’s exterior design is wrapped in travertine tiles, which are a type of natural stone tiles made of sedimentary rock.

Minimalist modern travertine house design


The minimalist exterior of this three storey modern travertine house features alternating layers of marble and glass walls which blur the boundary between the inside and outside, providing a direct connection to nature. Its sharp and striking cuts stand brightly illuminated by the pool that surrounds the house. The background of the sylvan hillside slopes of Spain seems like the perfect location for this house design. Illuminated with natural light interiors, it features a high ceiling of an open-to-above living room which introduces a modern edge with a cool life style.

Black and white interior design in the modern travertine house


The sophisticated black and white palette of the interior design matches the modern home clean lines and bold architectural details. Rooms with various personalities offers immediate access to a terrace or ground-floor courtyard with great views. Some rooms feature chic and elegant dark wood upholstery with pale flooring while other boast vibrant exuberance such as one of a colorful bedroom with magnificent views of the surroundings. Pale and sleek flooring throughout the modern house gives a marvelous impression of the rooms soaking with natural light. The courtyard boasts a water feature lined with grey river rocks that match the home’s soothing calmness. An 80m2 geometric outdoor pool winds its way through the minimalist house’s outdoor travertine deck and this interplay of water and light create effects that are calming yet enlivening. The architects have created a wonderful architectural spectrum through the ingenious use of light and water giving this modern house a graceful and calming effect. For more information you can visit A-Cero Architecture.


The modern house – an amazing pool design


Modern interior design


Modern living room interior


Kids room design for girls


Walk-in closet interior design


Outdoor lighting of the modern house design


Minimalist exterior of the modern house



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