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The Japanese modern houses have developed over the years by combining traditional forms with modern technology and design, but recently people started looking anew at the traditional methods of building houses, as they are easy on the environment and last a long time. This beautiful two-storey Japanese wooden house in Wakura, Japan, was designed by Seiichi Kubo, Yoshinobu Kagiyama and Mine Muratsuji of Japanese architecture company Archivi Architects & Associates. Since they combined the wood with glass-walls in the modern houses, that allowed natural light to illuminate the open-to-above living area which encompasses the kitchen and dining area. It is a wood-clad modern house made mainly of locally grown Japanese cedar and Japanese cypress while the internal surfaces like the ceilings are made of lauan plywood.

Wooden modern houses


The Sugi tree, or Japanese Cedar in English, is actually not related to the cedars. but it is favoured for its light wood, which is extensively used in modern houses building. Japanese cypress, on the other hand, is a species of cypress which grows to 35 m tall which is grown for its very high quality timber in Japan. So, it is all about natural wood! You can always recognize the special comfort and natural atmosphere it brings. The main living area in the modern house is overlooked by a second-storey loft and when you walk  up the stairs you will find a patio overlooking the home’s central atrium, which is an open, landscaped spot enclosed by sliding glass walls that blur the boundary between inside and out.

Modern wooden houses design

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This is how cool design makes a wooden modern house blend with the environment which is truly magnificent. The house is located in a residential area which extends to the feet of Mt. Akibasan Park and Wakaura Bay, a local Japanese landmark, and offers great views of the surroundings. Each floor and each room of this wooden house has access to a deck space which accomplishes the open-space concept.

Modern Design Japanese House

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Japanese Wooden Modern House

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 Second Floor – Balcony

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 The Garden of the Modern House


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 Kitchen Interior Design


Staircase to the Second Floor


Wooden House Design


Interior Design – Corridor



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