Modern house in Spain by A-cero Architects


This contemporary courtyard modern house which stands out for its geometric purity, material sophistication and compositional elegance is designed by Spanish architects A-cero. It boasts a modern travertine marble shell, understood as a refuge and protection of identity, with strong, geometric shape of layers upon layers of living spaces. Purity of shapes creates a complex consistent with the concrete walls structure and an absence of intermediate pillars in this house.

The modern house pool area


The modern house is featuring lots of large windows, the walls stand on a plot situated on a longitudinal north-south axis which ensures sun-soaked interiors. Due to the slope of the terrain all large windows and glass doors lead to the outdoors. The architecture design appears framed within an exceptional environment: a huge garden continues the harmonious lines of the construction, dotted with abundant plants and flowerbeds. Doors are replaced by panels which helps the rooms’ outward continuity. There is also a 17-metre window shifting inwards, which opens up the living room to the garden.

Modern house outdoor entertainment area


Minimalist exterior is a contrast to opulent and rich in details interiors in whose heart there is a luxury living area, enclosed in windows and overlooked by a glassed-in library. The layout reveals the ground floor with a large cylinder in marble, a material common in all the rooms on this floor, around which you can find: the living rooms, dining rooms and a service zone connected via a staircase with a gorgeous red backdrop. The upper floor of this Spanish ultra modern home hosts the bedrooms, the bathrooms finished in ash wood and the library which features floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and wood-panelled walls. The rooms in the modern house are decorated in comfortable and ample manner where everything is reduced to essentials, through volumes situated on two axes.


Modern house bedroom furniture


The modern house living room interior design


Modern home library design


Dining room furniture



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