Modern lake house by Huttunen Lipasti Pakkanen


The innovative Helsinki-based Huttunen-Lipasti-Pakkanen Architects designed a stunning, energy efficient modern lake house nestled into the landscape of Naantali, just outside the coast of Turku, Finland. The Villa Mecklin is a cool hillside home plan, located in the Finnish archipelago, nestled into small depression in the rocks along the shore.  The rocky terrain of the island is one of many where the Finnish like to enjoy their fishing. The owners wanted a small group of buildings as their holiday retreat.

Modern lake house – outdoor fireplace design


The modern lake house deck faces south and has a fire pit with a retractable cover which is a great way to spend an evening while watching the sunset. The building materials chosen for Villa Mecklin are basic ones suited for the archipelago, topped by a corrugated metal roof that echoes the colors of the stone hillside. Its wood surfaces have been left untreated and they will turn grey naturally. The entire living space is just under 800 square feet, while the floor area of the villa is 70 square meter and the sauna is 20 square meter.

Modern lake house – the sauna


This house also features a shoreline sauna and a guest cabin, each heated by a wood-burning stove. The interiors are completed with warm wood and simple finishes, while floor-to-ceiling doors are facing the lake and open onto an expansive outdoor entertaining area. The living area is trebled with an open plan living, and kitchen dining area fronting on to the extended deck. The sleeping areas are arranged at the cooler northern end of the building with minimal glazing, aiding in regulating the winter and summer temperatures. This green design truly minimizes the impact on resources. The villa was entirely self–built as no complete detailed construction drawings were made, everything was resolved on-site. The villa was built in 2008.


Terrace design


Wooden interior design



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