Modern timber architecture in San Francisco by Quezada Architecture


Here is a great modern timber architecture example coming right from Quezada Architecture. It is an award winning, full service architecture, interiors, and planning company committed to the excellence in modern design and sustainability, which was established in San Fransisco in 1993. The company is specialized in domestic and international project types including estate residential, entertainment, non-profit, commercial, hospitality, financial, high-tech, and public sector work. Quezada Architecture has dealt with massive projects including projects for Lucasarts and Microsoft. The experience plays a vital role when it comes to projects like this one, which takes more than just simple design ideas.

Modern  timber architecture house design


This San Francisco-area elegant modern timber architecture house is located in a green hilly area with clean air and beautiful scenery. The timber house features wide-open double entry doors and modern, yet “home” interior. The home has old and classic country look with its natural wood panels offering a rustic flair which still boast a sophisticated style. The house’s interior is set in a rainbow of wood tones including red, purple, honey and blonde while the timber façade has the typical rustic look.

Modern timber architecture and minimalist exterior design


Stone floors offer a nice contrast to the warm wood panels while glass walls naturally illuminate, offering the residents a breathtaking forest view. Minimalist kitchen space is plain and simple as among other impressing areas of the house are the clean bathroom decoration and metal glass table-sink. There are also simple wooden porch decorations like one of the front door. The design of this slope house incorporates outdoor living rooms. An exceptional wooden deck pathway cutting through the center of the home leads us out to a fabulous patio in front of the home. Definitely this is the outside entertainment hotspot for the home. For more information about this spectacular wooden house you can visit the Quezada Architecture company website.


Exterior design


Outdoor dining area


 Interior design


Kitchen design


Living room interior and furniture


Minimalist house design


The Porch


Interior design


The dining room


Minimalist bathroom design



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