Modern design house M by Caramel Architekten


“House M” is a 12 x 12 meter cube, single storey modern design house by Austrian architecture company Caramel Architekten, sitting on the slope of Pöstlingberg in Linz. By extending the indoors into the outdoors with two-glass facades at the south and west side the house is truly open thus receiving sunlight even in late autumn. Textile curtain are set to guard against excessive sunlight and overheating. The floor-to-ceiling windows are facing towards the Danube Valley while the north-eastern corner has a very hermetic appearance, not allowing the neighbours to look in. The south façade features a covered terrace area, boasting an outdoor entertaining area with views of a large swimming pond.

Modern design house M


The non-public bedroom units lying to the northeast are accessible if you move inwards from the southwest open kitchen and dining areas that face the pond. The economical appeal is received by the flat roof and walls.  The modern design house M, dominated by simplicity, is built of prefabricated high-performance structural insulated panels that were installed onto the concrete floor slab for a few hours using a truck-mounted crane. The west façade was provided structural reinforcement by diagonally arranged pillars.

Modern design house by Caramel Architekten


The roof slab which is slightly inclined towards east offers gutterless drainage into a gravel-filled drain at the back side of the “House M”. Reducing the construction costs was a consequence of prefabricated materials usage that allowed the home to be erected on its concrete slab. Тhe high degree of prefabrication and the simple form of the building volume, its cellulose-fiber thermal insulation, as well as the application of calorific value technology and external shading – all contribute to this economic and ecological building. The cube is enveloped in synthetic membranes as white epdm was used for the roof area and white teflon-coated pvc for the façade area.


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Modern house design


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