Modern architecture concrete house by Architects Brauning


This house with only one room is a forward-thinking example of open-concept German architecture. It is a project for a concrete house plan realized by Architects Brauning and situated in a dense urban centre. Spread over four levels 185-square-meters of living space, the house boasts unusual look and unique flow. It has interior design in layers as this modern concrete house is divided into four open levels, which still provide a level of privacy. The emphasis of this open-concept house plan allows a connection between these conventionally separate living spaces. The architects’ four-tiered design strike on flowing space transitions and their exciting visual relationships by structuring the relevant space efficiently and meaningfully.

Concrete house and minimalism in the interior


Its open, flowing room, offers countless perspectives, insights, and views, while concrete, steel, wood and an expansive glass wall make their way around this concrete house’s irregular shape. Transparency comes in the way as the inhabitants of this house can be seen while working, cooking, or even showering. Working in close collaboration with the developer, the architects opted for a conscious interplay between untreated materials and refined, specially treated components. They stayed away from a traditional layout of walls and rooms and created a structure consisting of fair-face concrete walls with an insulation core. Its natural stone facings, and a staircase made of oxidized steel panels contrasts to the seamless epoxy resin floors and the reflecting glass expanses of the windows.

Open space concrete house


The minimalist house boasts also special features such as the steel stair stringers and high-end products and systems in the bathroom area and in the kitchen. There are two lower levels below the living spaces, which house the bathroom with a magnificent stone bathtub, and the master bedroom. The result of Stefan Bräuning’s Esslingen-based architecture office is a fascinating single-room house where living becomes a special experience.


Second floor


Bedroom furnishing


Modern bathroom design


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