Luxury modern house in Austria by architekt DI Johann Lettner


Here is a real estate nestled in the beautiful surroundings of Austria which proves that taking an advаntage of the environment is always good to modern design. The Schafberg Garden House is a luxury modern house with minimalist design built on an estate on the Schafberg, a hilly area in Vienna’s west end. It is designed by Architekt DI Johann Lettner who decided to keep the green living space and garden character of the area as much as possible.

Luxury modern house in minimalist style


The Schafberg Garden House has been designed to blend into the hillside seamlessly, with split levels facing the southwest and positioned in order to create private outdoor areas. The requirements of the passive house technology were applied in the selection of building materials: the extensive use of glass allows optimal use of solar energy, building materials offer ultra insulation values and building elements had to be easy to transport and to dismantle. The minimalist interior design of the luxury modern house features a subdued colour palette and simple material selection and makes outside views a center point thus blending the interior and the exterior. It is one of the rules of contemporary design.

Luxury modern house interior design


In the same time the sunny rooftop patio offers a view for a swimming pool which works its way through the first volume, through the open space and to the second volume. There is also a “basement” that the architect incorporated with a glass wall that floods interiors with natural light. It is just as stylish and bright as the upper floors. The Schafberg Garden House boasts nooks in its irregular shape, creating built-in outdoor living rooms and entertaining areas. Some are sheltered and other open to the sky while inside this great house features a central floating staircase, surrounded by open-concept interiors providing unobstructed views of the outdoors. For more information on this project visit Architekt DI Johann Lettner.


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