Inspirational house by Yukiharu Suzuki & Associatres


This amazing inspirational house in a barn style is designed by Yukiharu Suzuki & Associatres. This chic house is a three-storey wood barn with unbelievably beautiful views of the sea. The house structure is vast and has a lot of space. On the outside, the barn has very unusual slat-style facades that allow the interior to have a very unique glow effect on the inside. This barn style home design is truly a work of art. It is one of the most incredible designs with its open-space concept.

Inspirational house design for a modern home


Take a look at those space solutions. One of the most interesting things about this inspirational house is that there aren’t any specific boundaries between the inside and the outside. Somehow those boundaries are blurred as opposed to other home solutions where they are very well outlined. This home is perfect for an isolated land in the outer areas of a city or a small village.

Contemporary architecture creates an inspirational house


Imagine how great it would be for your kids to grow up in a home like this. It will be the perfect place, where they can be close to nature and live without the boundaries and the frustration in the city.  When you look at this home you see peace, quiet and comfort. There aren’t any stressful noises; there is only pure relaxation and joy. This Barn style home design is a dream come true not only for families with little children who want to be isolated from the city, it is also perfect for elderly people who want to spend their time in a more peaceful manner. And even though this place doesn’t look as luxurious as some other homes you can tell from the pictures that it has a very nice, inviting atmosphere. This atmosphere is priceless, it cannot be found in many luxurious places, no matter how artistic or unique their interior design solution can be.


Modern wooden house


Bathroom interior design


The Interior design of the wooden house


 Contemporary Japanese interior design









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